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I so badly want to draw Hans’s brothers, and Therese, and all of Elsa’s pretty dresses that she’ll be wearing in Winter’s EndBut I take, like, two hours to do a single B&W pencil drawing and it’s always been from a reference piece in the past. So a) I don’t really have the time and b) UGH. 

But I am going to force myself to. Maybe this weekend when I’m trapped in a bus for a few hours going to Iejima. I haven’t drawn in over two years so it’s probably going to suck, but I should try, right? Sighhh

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I am just wondering how did i get 102 readers, i started this blog as a joke, since my little sister was teasing me about fangirling on Hans and Elsa, and i just wanted to thank you all, and especially calenheniel defyinggravity-elsa loki0panda kodisart and many many more for being so kind to me!

You got all those followers because you’re a wonderful lady, and an incredible artist! But mostly because you’re one of the sweetest people ever. xx

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~To do list~


Here is a list of all the drawings I’m doing and finishing

*I’ll update it if I see one missing*

{progression □□□□□}

●| Requests

jackfrostftw RainbowSnowcone ■■■■
gublernationfandom Alex&Matt ■■■

●| 1k Follows

Helsa nsfw■■■■
♦ Kristanna/Helsa comic ■■
♦ Jasterida □□
♦ Helsa balloon ■■■
♦ Project Guardian RainbowSnowcone comic □□

●| Others

♦ Jarida □□
♦ Fractures ■■
♦ The thaw □□
♦ Project Guardian □□

●| Personnal

♦ Nightwish AU
♦ Helsa doujinshi
♦ Hiccstrid

I’m still in college right now so for the next 5-6 weeks I won’t have an infinite amout of time to draw but I really do my best and I hope you can understand that it’s not funny for me neither to not be able to finish everything in a matter of minutes I’m just a simple human…

Did you guys see that?

Actually, emma-monsta and I have been PM’ing about it for a bit now, but I didn’t want to say anything or pressure her into finishing it (seriously, girl, take your time xx).

But YES it’s happening. 

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